The Zone

La Ceiba Business Park is located in the Ceiba district, in the canton of Orotina, in Alajuela province.

It is located in a strategic area.  It is a place of transition between the Greater Metropolitan Area of Costa Rica (GAM) and the Central Pacific coastal zones. This allows future investors to access localization factors, infrastructure, services, and human capital suitable to develop a great diversity of business strategies with a high potential for success.

Its location allows easy access to the primary financial, health, and education services offered by the Central Pacific region. 


Within Costa Rica, this area is unmatched in terms of communication roads, considering the 27 highway, and its expansion in the coming years, the proximity and future development of Caldera´s port, the construction of the new metropolitan international airport, and the adjoining of the railroad to the Pacific shore, soon to be reactivated for cargo.

The area has a warm climate, much demanded by nationals and foreigners, and its flat land allows different alternatives of use. Also, the territorial area of the Park, offers to the clients the possibility of increasing their infrastructure in medium and long terms. It is the new industrial frontier of the country.

The incentives offered for the investment in the zone, and according to the regulations established by the free zone regime, are more significant due to the outside GAM location.

In general, the location of La Ceiba Business Park, offers a significant degree of maturity and great opportunities to attract investment outside the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM). The current labor market in the area, its strategic location, and opportunities for improvement in fundamental elements such as infrastructure (electricity, connection, transport, among others), human resources (academic, technical, bilingual areas) and incentives, make of this project a unique place with ideal conditions for companies in search of opportunities, to establish their operations for industrial development and services.

Hotels and tourism

We find ourselves in an area with a lot of hotel deals, which includes the Hotel Fiesta, Los Sueños, and Villa Caletas. Nearby is also Jaco beach, well known for being a destination for surfers.

In the area, it is also located Carara National Park, which has the only transition forest in the Central Pacific coast, which means vast diversity of flora and fauna, where species of dry and rainforests converge.

Health Centers

As well, nearby you can find health centers such as: Clínica Biblica in Santa Ana, and Puntarenas Hospital, which aims to become one of the most modern in the country.

Educational offer

Within the bilingual private educational offer is: Country Day School in Alajuela, GSD International School in La Guácima, and the Private Bilingual School of Orotina. There are also multiple universities with nearby locations, such as UTN.

The area has 17 public primary education centers, In 2019 the  enrollment was more than 6 thousand students.

Similarly, 6 secondary schools are located in the area, with an enrollment of just over 2,500 students in 2019.

Highschools Schools
Quantity Enrollment Quantity Enrollment
6 2515 17 6712

Table 21: Number of Educational Centers and enrollment in 2019 in the study area.

School type Number of educational centers Enrollment 2019
Primary schools 276 35 654
Secondary schools 65 19 756
Total: 341 55 410

The study area has about 341 educational centers; of these, 276 are primary and 65 are secondary schools.
By 2019, about 55,410 students enrolled, of which, 65% were in elementary school, and 35%  in high school.

Similarly, in higher education, the area has seven universities, of which two are public, and five are private:

  • University of Costa Rica (Public)
  • National Technical University (Public)
  • University of Science and Art
  • Hispanic college
  • San Isidro Labrador University
  • Latin University of Costa Rica
  • St. Lucia University

In the same way, the area has several headquarters of the National Learning Institute (INA), that teaches around 24 specialties  like technical, and diploma level.

Courses taught at the Orotina Vocational Training Center
Administrative assistant
Clothing manufacture
Food handling
Customer service
Occupational health
Conversational English for the Business Sector
Food handling
Computer Applications Operator
Recicling Center Operator
Human Relations and Conflict Management
Courses taught at the Specialized Nautical Fishing Center of Puntarenas
Maritime Legislation
Auxiliary Mechanic
Computer Applications Operator
First aid
Motor repair
Courses taught at the Regional Multipurpose Center of Puntarenas
Food handling
Computer Applications Operator
Web Page Programming
Courses taught in the Central Pacific Regional Unit Puntarenas
Tour guide
Ingles Conversational for the Business Sector