We are proud and educated people who accept challenges, learn quickly and welcome opportunities. A nation ruled in peace with a solid, long-standing democracy that supports health, education and the pursuit of self-development.








An educated population
not only happens overnight

Invest where it matters most

The Costa Rican workforce stands out for its high
educational standards and outstanding productivity levels.
These capacities are the expected result of a historical
commitment to pursue greater economic growth and better
living standards through an energetic and generalized
educational policy at all levels of instruction.
Education in Costa Rica has been free and compulsory since 1870.

Leaders in Latin America in human capital

Costa Rica 83.5%
Chile 81.09%
Argentina 75.74%
Peru 75.45%
Uruguay 75.45%
Columbia 74.81%
Panama 74.43%
Ecuador 73.76%

Prepare and reorganize for the jobs of the future.

Costa Rica’s commitment to education and a strong
collaborative environment between industries and universities
allow us to continually transform and prepare for the digital
We lead the way in building skills for the future workforce in
Latin America, and ahead of Ireland, France, South Korea,
and India.

We are a multilingual country

Our second language is English, but we speak many languages as well. We have proven to be a country with many skills. One of them is the ability to easily learn new languages. We have set the goal of becoming a fully bilingual country in the next decade through Costa Rica’s multilingual program.
But for now, we have the command of English in Latin America.

Work Environment

Stability, innovation and proven international competitiveness
create the right climate for success.
With a proven track record of 120 years of solid democracy, economic and political stability, Costa Rica is unrivaled as
the best option to invest in the region.

Political Stability Latin America

Uruguay 87.14%
Costa Rica 64.29%
Panama 61.43%
Chile 60.95%
Argentina 53.33%
Brazil 31.43%
Mexico 23.33%

Democracy Index Latin America

Uruguay 83.8%
Costa Rica 80.7%
Chile 79.7%
Panama 70.5%
Argentina 70.2%
Brazil 69.7%
Colombia 69.6%

Safety Index Latin America

Santiago • CHILE 80%
San Jose • COSTA RICA 75%
Panama City • PANAMA 75%
Montevideo • URUGUAY 75%
Buenos Aires • ARGENTINA 70%
Lima • PERU 60%
Rio de Janeiro • BRAZIL 60%
Sao Paulo • BRAZIL 60%
Guatemala City • GUATEMALA 55%
Asuncion • PARAGUAY 55%
Quito • ECUADOR 50%
Mexico City • MEXICO 40%
Bogota • COLOMBIA 35%
Caracas • VENEZUELA 35%

We know our way to know the world!

When we say  privileged location, we are literally there.
Costa Rica is located in the heart of the Americas, with ports on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, and free trade agreements that provide preferential access to 2/3 of the world’s GPD and more than 57 business partners, including the USA and the EU. Costa Rica is also one of the only 3 countries in America with an FTA with China.
93.9% of the export goods are covered by FTA. In addition, we have investment, promotion and protection agreements with 14 countries.

Preferential Access Markets

A concentrated nation that is distinguished
by the value of what we create.

51,100 km2
total area.
Almost as big as the state
of West Virginia in the USA.

5 million
people live here.

GDP per capita PPP.
One of the highest in the region.

Is our second language, but
we also speak up to ten more.

Colón (¢)
Is the country’s oficial currency.
The dollar is commonly used as well.

24 °C
Average temperature all year round.
Lovely, don't you think?

It's about location, location and location!

What does it mean to have a truly ideal location?
It means being in the heart of where things happen, and Costa Rica is precisely there. An ideal geographical location with an enviable climate in the center of the Americas guarded by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, with a really close distance of North and South America.

Today, we are the most popular nearshore location for US companies. 

As well as a strategic offshore environment for European companies in the dollar area. We even have the same time zone as the central US standard time. UU. (GMT – 6), which
provides great convenience for doing business.

A solid public services infrastructure

We have dedicated resources to provide robust public services infrastructure. We have a powerful, redundant, and reliable energy supply network (from renewable energies such as geothermal, biomass, wind, and hydroelectric heat), to promote the creation of strategically located industrial parks and business centers.

We are driving a significant improvement for the main seaports and airports, roads, and telecommunications infrastructure in the country.

Public services

The perfect climate for agribusiness and more

In Costa Rica, we have no extreme temperature changes.

We only have two seasons: sunny and rainy.

But we have more than eight different microclimates that, combined with fertile soils, provide the ideal conditions for growing, processing, packing, and exporting some of the best exotic fruits, vegetables, and crops for the most demanding palates of the food industry.

Our climate does not stop regular business operations.

We never stop working by blizzards or heat waves.

We are rarely affected by tropical storms in the Caribbean.

Costa Rica: a treasure of biodiversity

Costa Rica covers only 0.03% of the world’s surface, but it is home to 5% of the Earth’s biodiversity. The country has many different types of forests, from the dry ones in the South Pacific, to the famous tropical forests in Monteverde, which makes it a breathing laboratory.